About us

Miraf Sagl is a company active in the field of automation, especially in the making of feeders of thin products on high speed automated packaging lines.
Although recently established, Miraf works with a technology at the same time settled, and cutting edge thanks to the solid background and experience of its founders.

Miraf products lead the market for singularizer that can handle flat small products, to be used in generic packaging, and industrial automation.

The market segment in which Miraf Sagl works requires extreme precision, reduced error frequency, timeliness of implementation and speed of deployment.

For this reason, the assembly is carried out with great care and the materials, the components and processes are suitable for the most demanding applications in terms of hygiene and cleanliness, such as the pharmaceutical or food industries.
The Miraf friction feeder is distinguished by the characteristics of:

  • Product Format Change: Convenience and ease of adjustment when switching between one product format to another (in all directions)
  • Robustness and low noise: The MIRAF power supplies are generally very strong silent at all speeds
  • Vibration stability and reduced in the absence of eccentrics and crank mechanisms (eg. Pick & Place)
  • Quality: Materials and surfaces can fit all the most demanding work environments (such as food and pharmaceutical production)
  • It can be easily integrated into all existing automated lines under construction
  • Setting machine, fast and easy.

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